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Misalignment of Hips

My daughter, who is now 12, had been having knee pain for nearly 4 years when we came to see Dr. Howell.  The pain started off only when she would run a lot or hold still for long periods of time, like riding in the car.  It eventually increased to the point that she had to quit gymnastics, didn't want to ride her bike or walk at all. 

On a trip to Disney World, we actually had to rent a wheelchair for our otherwise healthy 10 year old!  Over the course of 4 years we had been to several different doctors, had 2 MRI's, done physical therapy, been to a different chiropractor, and anything else the doctors thought might help.  We were finally referred to Dr. Howell by Chris Kissel, who we were going to for Muscle Activation Technique.  After treating my daughter a few times, she referred us because she thought her hips were out of alignment and that might be causing the pain.  We came to Howell Chiropractic and had X-rays taken of her hips, and they were definitely out of alignment. 

Dr. Howell treated her for a few weeks, and we were all hoping for immediate relief.  After a couple weeks, her hips were consistently holding alignment, so he told us there was no reason for us to continue coming.  Her pain was still there just as bad, so I thought it had just been another dead end.  About 2 weeks after our last visit, my daughter came to me and said "Mom, I think what Dr. Howell did is helping".  Over the next 3 weeks her knee started hurting less and less until now she is completely pain free, back doing gymnastics, riding her bike, and getting to be a kid again!  Because the hip had been out of alignment for so long, it just took a little longer for all the muscles to readjust.  I will be forever thankful for my daughter now being pain free!

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  • "I can't say enough about the dedication and expertise of Dr. Shawn Howell. Throughout the years, I have had Chiropractic manipulation to alleviate the pain I have experienced from Scoliosis as well as Sciatica. One of the first things he did was to put a name to my back condition. I had heard of Scoliosis, but because I was not a severe case, undetected by the naked eye, all I had ever been told was that I was having muscle spasms.

    Since having 'discovered' Dr. Howell, 11 members of my extended family are now enjoying the results of his work. All of us appreciate his knowledge, skills and obvious concern for each of his patients. He treats us with compassion when we need his help in "straightening us up". He never promises miracles (although we feel he does miraculous work) and never treats us unnecessarily. He tells it like it is and makes every effort to relieve pain and discomfort."
    G.B. - Centerville, OH