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Prolonged Sports Injury & Reflux

I started going to Dr. Howell when a co-worker of mine recommended him. I had been experiencing lower back issues for a long period of time (over 10 years) due to a sports injury. While going to Dr. Howell for this issue (which is no longer an issue) we talked about family and I had mentioned that my oldest son (then 9) has had issues with reflux since he was 2 weeks old and has dealt with this ever since with medication and altering his diet. Little did I know that this casual conversation would change my son's lifestyle.

Dr. Howell was wonderful with Andrew and after only a few treatments, he was able to get off any medication, no longer experienced symptoms of reflux, and started eating foods which had always exacerbated the condition previously. Andrew will soon be 12 and is still medication free and able to experience a whole new realm of foods he previously had to avoid. 

J.M. - Centerville, OH


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  • "I can't say enough about the dedication and expertise of Dr. Shawn Howell. Throughout the years, I have had Chiropractic manipulation to alleviate the pain I have experienced from Scoliosis as well as Sciatica. One of the first things he did was to put a name to my back condition. I had heard of Scoliosis, but because I was not a severe case, undetected by the naked eye, all I had ever been told was that I was having muscle spasms.

    Since having 'discovered' Dr. Howell, 11 members of my extended family are now enjoying the results of his work. All of us appreciate his knowledge, skills and obvious concern for each of his patients. He treats us with compassion when we need his help in "straightening us up". He never promises miracles (although we feel he does miraculous work) and never treats us unnecessarily. He tells it like it is and makes every effort to relieve pain and discomfort."
    G.B. - Centerville, OH